Testimonial List

The Wichita Fish is the best seafood place around. The owners are amazing people. That makes it that much better.
Aug 08 2012
  • LH



One of the only NEVER-MISS restaurants around, everything I've purchased to cook at home or ate in the restaurant is perfect. Nothing fancy but who needs it with quality like this. I should have been coming here years ago!
Dec 17 2011
  • RB
  • Wichita



Hands down - the best fish in Wichita!rnrnIf you love fish - GO THERE!!
Aug 26 2011
  • Sonni Will



this place is the best place to eat and buy fish for cooking at home. the best deal is they will tell ya how to cook it , these are real people and ya can tell it in their actions and the food. i have taken 1 st time dates here they look at me funny going in but when they come out they are grinning so cozy there cant wait to try haysville . keep on keepin on folks ya are doing a great job.
Jun 09 2011
  • david a
  • wichita, ks



Well, It is a new year and the food is still great. You don't need to go to Wichita for the good stuff. It kinda bad though they recognize me when I walk through the door............. We called in today brought it home n washed it down with a beer. sure was gooood.
Jan 15 2011
  • Cliff (kseagle)
  • Haysville area



Well I don't get into Wichita much, no more than I have to. The drivers are crazy up there. So I get my seafood fix right here in Haysville thanx to you folks opening an outlet here and the food is just as good. If not better...... Come on down to Haysville south on Broadway good food good people.
Nov 16 2010
  • kseagle
  • Haysville, KS



There is a little place right by our house in Haysville that is called the Wichita Fish Company and we went in to eat there last night. We have seen at least a half dozen restaurants come and go in the building and we thought it was just haunted. We were not going to go eat there for anything. Past few weeks since this place opened though, its been packed. We have noticed more and more cars. So we stopped in last night. The food was fabulous. The guy told us that he had the Wichita Fish Company too, same food. Now, I'm a big fan of seafood, especially if done right. Being from the Gulf Coast, I haven't had good seafood in quite some time and actually swore it off in Kansas. This place was great and has changed my outlook. I will definitely go back and am recommending all my friends give it a try.
Nov 30 -0001
  • Joe
  • Haysville, KS



Amazing food. Best fried shrimp I've ever had.
May 15 2010
  • Sam
  • Wichita, KS



Read the reviews, so the wife and I decided to give the place a try...Good move..!! The advertising is correct, there is nothing fancy, but the food is first rate. The wife tried the grilled Steel-head trout. Excellent, came with rice and veggies, hush-puppies and coleslaw. I had the Cajun Red Snapper with the same sides...but as I love Gumbo, and having a much bigger appetite, I ordered a bowl of that too. For about $26 we both left the place stuffed. The food was well cooked and seasoned to perfection. The fish was tender and flaky..the Gumbo was spicy and tasty. We'll be back...soon..!!!
Nov 30 -0001
  • Kevin
  • Derby Ks



Today was the first time I have tried this place. I have heard sooo many great things about this place I had to try it. I would have to say that all the great things I have heard about this place don't do it justice. Great food, and a very reasonable price!
Jan 06 2010
  • Derek



They are always really friendly and always have good food i would eat there as much as possible. I enjoy being able to pick from there wide variety of choices on the menu. if you like seafood this is the place to go!! :)
Nov 30 -0001
  • Stefanie
  • Wichita, KS



My experience with most Wichita restaurants has been that they will do at least one of three things to you: serve half-hearted food, skimp on the portions, or suck your wallet dry. You guys did none of the above. When I paid a measly eight bucks for a salmon dinner and nine for a mahi mahi, I was expecting a fast food type special. Both were the best fish my wife and I had away from the coast. To boot, we left stuffed. Thank you for the surprise. From here on out, you will be the first folks I mention to any of my friends who care about taste.
Nov 30 -0001
  • Marcus
  • Wichita, KS



Great food, great people, great value! We are regular customers and have never been disappointed. Eat it there or prepare it at home. The quality is unmatched.
Jun 18 2009
  • CaptBob



Born a Californian, I have a deep love for seafood. Wichita Fish Company is an Oasis in the landlocked Midwest!!! Jump on your Beach Cruiser and head on down....it takes me right back to my beach. Dine inside or out (out for me!). Grouper, Mahi Mahi, you just can't go wrong!
Jun 17 2009
  • Bob Clark
  • Wichita, KS



Hey, we eat there every Thursday when we do our weekly cruise. It's great to eat, hang out and the family that owns and operates it are the nicest people you could ever meet.
May 20 2009



I have eaten here A LOT! I have tried almost everything and have not had one bad thing. Fried, grilled, baked, it doesn't matter. If you like fish or seafood, this place will not let you down and you will NOT be able to eat anywhere else. Absolutely the best!! (in fact, I think I am going to eat there for dinner tonight)
Apr 27 2009
  • Jaclyn Moser
  • Wichita, KS



oh my goodness,the food there was awesome!!!!
Jan 30 2009
  • Joel
  • Wichita, KS



Best catfish and sides in town! We will definitely go back soon!!!
Aug 09 2008
  • Maggie



The Wichita Fish Company has a great selection of seafood. I love the specials that they have but my all time favorite is how they prepare their salmon. It's so good, there's never any leftovers!
Nov 30 -0001
  • Jeannie D

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